THIS WILL NOT BE A REPLACEMENT ENGINE FOR YOUR PICKUP OR SUV. IT WILL BE A REVOLUTION. Our pickup and SUV engines arrive ready for duty, sporting performance and durability above the original manufacture specifications. Each Ford, Chevrolet, Toyota, RAM and Dodge we produce is completely remanufactured – not rebuilt – to our exacting specifications. We have been remanufacturing engines for over 45 years and our skill is unmatched. Ford F-150, Chevy Silverado and Toyota Tacoma owners looking for quality, performance and reliability come to us for complete long block engine replacements that astonish and delight. All the while saving thousands of dollars. Engines built better than OEM specifications for hard working, dollar-conscience individuals. Shipped to your door. A BUYING POWER REVOLUTION.

Within S&J Engines power portfolio resides nearly every size and configuration of Pickup truck and SUV long block crate engine. We speak 22R, 22RE, LQ, LS, 5.4 Triton, Mopar Hemi, Powerstroke and Duramax, fluently. In fact, our engineers and machinists have improved and, in some cases, solved persistent problems with original OEM engine designs and manufacturing processes. When you go S&J you are going with the best priced and backed long block crate engine available today.


OUR WARRANTIES CONTINUE TO DISRUPT THE INDUSTRY. Why? Because we invest equally in after-sale service as we do pre-production design and assembly. Non-prorated warranties that maintain constant value throughout the life of the term, not diminishing daily like the competition’s warranties. 7-Years/100,000 Miles of Total Assurance coverage. Your long block replacement engine is built well and covered for the long run. This is why service shops recommend S&J Engines for nearly every engine replacement job.

Self-installers, restorers and hobbyists have a partner in S&J Engines, too. No other major engine remanufacturer offers warranty coverage to the non-professional community S&J. Our growing network of professional installers swear by S&J’s engine quality and commitment to their success with after-sale support. S&J Engines defines the replacement engine concept for tens of thousand of people, just like you. Built better today, backed better tomorrow. It’s the S&J way of keeping the engine revolution alive and well. COME SEE WHY S&J IS THE TRUSTED SOURCE FOR THE ENGINE ENTHUSIAST.


We create the finest remanufactured long block crate engines availableyou will not find a higher quality motor, new or rebuilt. S&J technicians, machinists and production designers are experienced with nearly engine produced, down to the last fastener. More new parts than the competition, too. New - not rebuilt! Professional grade quality begins with a commitment to only offer, build and deliver the best in engines and in customer service, to the professional and the amateur alike. You want it - we’ll build it, better than any other engine supplier in America. Save thousands of dollars and ditch the hassles with an S&J remanufactured engine. Not just a replacement - An Engine Revolution


Not rebuilt - REMANUFACTURED! S&J integrates more new components than the competition. Your Tahoe, Silverado 1500, 2500 or 3500, Ford F-150, F-250 Super Duty or Explorer, Dodge Durango or RAM 1500, Toyota Tundra or 4Runner will be revived in a way that will astonish and delight you. From OEM replacement to custom, one-off applications, we deliver. An engine is only as good as the process in which it’s built. Here’s where our unmatched standard of assembly comes into play, delivering you the finest remanufactured long block crate engine available. All, built by people who put the pride of craftsmanship into each motor. S&J Engines: Perfecting the Process Since 1975.


Engines that work, brought to you by working people. Yes, people. Folks who use the very engines they produce. 100% U.S. made labors of love, hard work and hard-earned experience. We at S&J know the engine business, sure. We know also the individuals drawn to our industry. Like you, we expect quality in the things that make daily life pleasurable. We take our commitment to quality and put it into the foundation of every engine we offer. When you purchase an S&J motor for your pickup or SUV you’re getting quality and the support of people in a company with over 45 years of sales and service. We’re here for you and we’re here to stay. JOIN OUR ENGINE REVOLUTION.


We build engines. But what we really do is help people. We help people reach their goals. We help them keep what is theirs. We inspire and we support the dreams and wishes of anyone seeking to better their situation. Becoming a customer of S&J Engines means you are listened to, spoken with honestly and served with the finest product and shopping experience you’ll ever know in purchasing an engine. Neary 50 years of service stands as our clearest testimony in our mission to satisfy each customer.