S&J Engines Warranties

7-Year/100,000 Mile Non-Prorated Warranties: As Good as it Gets!

The non-pro-rated warranty is the most valuable form of a warranty and S&J Engine’s Basic warranty is the very best in the business. Non-Pro-rated warranty means you’ll enjoy the same level of protection for the entire life of the warranty – 7 Years/100,000 miles!

While our competitors prorate their warranties, we don’t.. A pro-rated warranty covers a smaller percentage of coverage as the engine is used and gets older. The moment you start using your engine, you’re losing coverage – and peace of mind. We believe that you deserve the finest remanufactured and replacement engine backed by the best warranty in the business!

You deserve the same level of protection for the entire life of the warranty. .Our service pledge to you is as good as the quality of our engines.

Our customers demanded it – and we’ve responded! Total Assurance warranty carries all the same benefits as the Basic warranty plus:
+It’s Transferrable: Increase your vehicle’s value significantly with the added value of supreme engine protection
+$85.00/hour shop labor, covering most nationwide labor rates
+$1,700.00 protection for parts & labor for an authorized field repair or engine exchange.

Upgrade to our Total Assurance warranty for additional coverage with out-of-pocket expenses. Get your mechanic paid and your vehicle on the road without opening your wallet again!


The fine print on our industry leading warranty

Claims: Warranty claims must be approved by S&J Engines. All defective parts must be returned to S&J Engines. All claims must be accompanied with and S&J reference number.

Labor Reimbursement: Labor reimbursement will (NOT) be paid for an engine removal unless a defect caused during manufacturing is present in the short block, all other repairs will be done in the field.

  1. Warranty labor reimbursement is: for seven (7) years or 100,000 miles and will be paid to the original buyer (individual signing this warranty) only, and will be at the following hourly rate, regardless of who performs the warranty work.
  2. Basic warranty labor rate: labor cost for repairing or replacing a defective unit is limited to $50.00 per hour based on time allowed in Mitchell’s Time Guide. No labor will be paid twice for the same repair. The Basic warranty comes with a maximum of $850.00 total parts and labor coverage on an authorized field repair or engine exchange..
  3. Labor reimbursement for self-installers or private party installers: Labor reimbursement for private or self-installers is limited to $15.00 per hour for the first year only; no labor will be paid thereafter.

Warranty Period on long blocks: Passenger car and pickups, one ton and under (gas & diesel) are seven (7) years or 100,000 miles.

  1. If failure should occur during this time frame and it is determined the failure is due to a defect in workmanship and/or parts installed by S&J, S&J at its option will replace or repair defective unit to the original buyer.

Exceptions to the seven year warranty including parts and labor: Long block warranty on diesel applications is for three (3) years or 36,000 miles. Long Block warranty on turbo equipped, above one ton chassis, farm equipment and marine applications is limited to twelve (12) months or 12,000 miles. Gaskets installed by S&J on a long block such as oil pan, timing cover, valve covers, etc., are covered against leaking for ninety (90) days from the purchase date.

  1. Marine Warranty: The warranty on Marine long block applications is limited to twenty four (24) months from the date of purchase with a maximum labor liability of $850.00 regardless of boat model and/or application.
  2. Motorhomes & RVs Warranty Period: 12 months/12,000 miles
  3. Long Block Replacement: S&J will not replace an alleged defective long block until the original long block is returned to S&J for diagnostics. S&J reserves the right to determine whether to replace a long block or to repair it also the right to make the repairs themselves.
  4. Parts sold but not installed by S&J: Parts supplied by S&J but not installed by S&J, (such as, but not limited to, the oil pump and gaskets) that fail during the warranty period carry their manufacturer's warranty only. No labor is allowed for their replacement or labor to remove and replace the long block if required due to their failure.
  5. Warranty Disclaimer: S&J Engines shall not be responsible for damage to other parts or units not supplied by S&J Engines. Such parts include but are not limited to transmissions, clutch, pressure plate, engine heaters, oil pans, etc. No responsibility will be assumed, and no warranty is given or implied on any engine damaged by improper installation or damaged by failure of any parts not supplied by S&J Engines. Also, any engine modified beyond original factory specifications, either by S&J at the customer’s request, or by the customer, shall relieve S&J Engines of any responsibility or warranty.

S&J Engines will not be responsible or liable for any of the following: 1) Loss of time, 2) loss of income or revenue, 3) Loss of transportation or vehicle rental, 4) Equipment rental, 5) Any towing charges, 6) Crankshaft thrust damage with heat on transmission side only, 7) Diagnostic time, fluids, filters, or shop supplies after 90 days, 8) Damage due to oil starvation for any reason, 9) Piston skirt scuffing, 10) Overheating, removing, or melting of heat tab, 11) Detonation, pre-ignition of pistons (melted or broken), 12) Head gasket with burnt or crushed steel fire ring, 13) Abnormal wear from contaminated oil or fuel wash, 14) Installation of long blocks installed in non OEM applications (which voids the warranty).

No other warranty is expressed or implied.

  1. This warranty must be filled out with all of its requirements and returned to S&J Engines, 817 N. Lincoln St., Spokane WA 99201.
  2. After installation, engine must have a diagnostic scan to insure a lean burn or rich fuel condition is not present.
  3. Receipt for testing must accompany this warranty validation form.

The diagnostic testing must be completed within ninety (90) days of purchase date. If engine is not tested, this warranty is void.

* NOTE: This web-based warranty document is for reference only. You will receive a hard copy warranty with your engine purchase