From the President

Welcome to S&J Remanufactured Engines!

S & J Engines has been supplying remanufactured engines to professionals and hobbyists for over thirty-five years. The ‘secret’ to our longevity?

In a word, people

Long before we set up shop, long before we put a shovel in the ground and began building our facilities, I decided that my business was going to one where people contribute positively to people. Every day, in every way possible. As an employer I am first a service provider to the people who come here every working day; turning on the lights, firing up the machinery and manning the telephones. They’re with whom you’ll be talking! To have your experience to be at its top level, the people here simply have to have their work environment top level as well. Did you know that the average S & J employee has been here over eight years? A positive, clean work environment and a company ethic that says ‘Let’s make it better!’ reaches out ultimately to you, our customer. Belief and commitment to quality begins with people.

At S & J we know that folks come to us for the finest in remanufactured engines to power their vehicles and boats. We strive to meet their expectations in our engines and we delight them with our customer service experience. Letters and emails from all over the nation and the world come to us from people using our engines who tell us how surprised and pleased they are to be doing business with a company that takes the time and effort to ensure they’ve got the right engine for the right application and the right price. The value in product and service is nearly always beyond their expectations.

At the core of our business is our superb warranty. Seven years/100,000 miles non-prorated on all of our standard engines speaks volumes to our manufacturing processes and our commitment to our customers. We ship thousands of engines each year to all corners of the globe for a good reason – total commitment to customer satisfaction. It is where we began and it is how we are growing.

You’ve probably come here looking for a good deal from an honest company. I want to tell you personally you’ve come to right place! You, my potential customer, I value. Drop me a line and tell me of your experience with us. I’ll respond to you as soon as I’m able! Like all of my employees, I am committed making your experience with S & J Engines one of value and satisfaction.

I’m looking forward to earning your business.