CRATE ENGINES BUILT TO THRILL, SATISFY AND LAST - FOR YEARS We remanufacture - not rebuild -  long block crate replacement engines that best original factory motors. Our mission to provide the finest remanufactured engines at astonishing value has proven to be our success for over 45 years. When you select one of our engines you will experience what quality really means. Opening your newly arrived engine crate will reveal a meticulously crafted, tested and packaged power plant that will thrill your senses and answer unequivocally you've made the right decision to go the S&J way. Our engines are so good, many of the engine suppliers you find offering Ford's 4.6L motors are from S&J Engines! It is not fluff when we state Built to Improve - Not just Replace, and you will know this the moment you take your newly rejuvenated car, truck, boat or RV out for its first shakedown run. Customers rave of the state of smoothness, the tractability and everyday delivery of power, economy and seat of the pants good vibes. Every moving part, every surface and every fastener in its place and of the most precision harmony.


S&J FORD VULCAN 4.6L ENGINES ARE UNSURPASSED FOR POWER AND DURABILITY When you install an S&J 4.6L (281 C.I.) long block Triton engine you are not simply replacing; you are improving - vastly - the performance envelope of your vehicle. Over twenty consecutive years of converting shop experience into real world improvements brings you an engine that will astound you in its smoothness, tractability, and power. Our customers profit from our hands-on and brains-to-it redesigns to this revolutionary, modular engine platform. The demons of oil starvation, spark plug hole stripping, cam drivetrain are exorcised permanently. We build all the configurations, too. 2-valve, 2-valve PI (Power Improved) cylinder head. We will power your Crown Victoria, Expedition, Continental, Mark VII, Town Car and Grand Marquis, and of course, Mustang. We've seen it all and we've improved it all.  




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S&J Engines Warranty

7-Year/100,000 Miles

Superior Protection

You deserve the best coverage in the business. Not just today, but for the entire life of the warranty. Peace of mind comes as standard equipment.

Coverage remains at top level throughout the term, giving you the very best bang for the buck in protection.

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  • Great experience ordering a engine for a 1995 Ford Bronco. Price is right, had in stock. Warranty is nice.

    • John L.
  • Very impressed with how smooth the transaction went from start to finish Dan is the man to work with knows his job very well hoping i get a lot more opportunities to work with S&J needed to find someone to build older engines and finally found them will be a customer for life

    • Ken N.
  • Five Stars!

    • Service_Auto
  • Ryan listens to my questions and on return the motors I have ordered are what I asked for

    • james s.
  • Dan was very helpful and friendly. He explained everything clearly.

    • James C.
  • We have had great dealings with S&J over the years. They always go above and beyond to take care of us and our customers. They've even helped us with warranty issues for customers on engines that our customer bought from other companies that had gone belly up because their name was involved. Can't thank them enough for their ongoing customer support!

    • Shea H.
  • We have bought multiple engines from S&J and they have all been amazing. Hands down the best running/idling engines we have purchased for our customers vehicles. They have competitive pricing and the best warranty we have come across. They're so good and so busy that sometimes we have had to wait for an engine to be built but that is a small concern for the quality of their engines. The staff are great they always answer any questions. If I could I would only use them to supply engines for our customers.

    • Sam'sAutoService
  • Dennis was fantastic to work with and explained everything clearly. Thanks S&J it’s great to have a well established reputable Quality Engine builder at reasonable prices Thank You

    • Dmss
  • Overall great experience it was smooth from ordering the engine and delivery was ahead of schedule. Motor has been installed is and running great. First time I have used S&J engines and everything from ordering, pricing, delivery and customer service was top notch. It was a breath of fresh air dealing with a company that still has great customer service. Thanks again S&J keep up the good work.

    • Jason O.

    • Richard B.
  • Communication was excellent

    • MoapaValleySeptic
  • I bought the 383 stroker. I just wanted to say I've bought many long blocks over the years an every single one blew up except the one S&J built. It fires right up and sounds amazing. Everyone who's heard it run smiles when I fire it up. I'm am not easy on it at all - I drive it like I stole it!

    • Thomas H.
  • Dennis at S&J is the best. I always get quality products, the first time. Purchased over 30 engines from them and they never have any issues.

    • Matthew T.
  • S&J Engines has the best customer service I have had the pleasure of interacting with in many years. My order was customized and shipped faster than any competitor I have dealt with in the past. S&J has earned all my future business.

    • James C.
  • Very professional great experience!

    • Deundra K.
  • Very good experience

    • John M.
  • Alway professional and courteous. Have installed a number of their products and have had very little issues. When I have had problems S&J have taken care of it.

    • BowersDiesel&AutoRepair

    • brittfarms2018

    • Sahil S.
  • Purchased a reman 7.4 3 years ago for my '99 3500 chevy, 10k later, still humming right along. Very fair price and an honest build/ship time frame.

    • CW&G
  • Everything from service to quality is top notch!

    • Tony B.
  • I have been doing business with S&J engines for over 8 years now and have ordered 20-30 Engines from them. I am located in Hawaii and they still are able to get engines to me on time. The quality of there engines are always perfect. We recommend S&J to all of the other repair shops we deal with as well. If you are looking for the Best quality AND Excellent prices, S&J cant be beat.

    • PerformanceAutoHawaii
  • The quality of rebuilds are top notch so far. I have multiple engines that are being rebuilt by S&J

    • Cory K.
  • Excellent knowledge help me make the right choice

    • Michael S.
  • Would like to thank Dan!! Dan took the time to answer all my questions and I had a lot! Asked me what Im using it for how much Im towing, explained why the setup would or wouldn't work. Port & polish look immaculate!

    • Reptar
  • I rarely leave reviews, but I felt compelled to do so here. I received an AMC 242 for my 2000 Jeep Cherokee Sport, and it's a phenomenal engine. Everything was great, from the gasket kit, to the break in oil, to the shipping container (half pallet, enclosed in cardboard.) Engine is running great with no issues. They were great as a company, and worked with me to suit my needs each time it was necessary. I don't plan on buying an engine again anytime soon, but I wouldn't buy one anywhere else. Two years later and the engine is still running like a champ with no issues. It's been through extreme heat and extreme cold. Super happy with S&J.

    • Seth P.

    • Norm H.

    • Karl M.
  • I was very satisfied with your previous engine work and want to do again.

    • Michael B.

    • Stephaney L.

    • Calvin R.
  • Sales and service has been top notch. They have fair pricing and give you a realistic ship date based on current supply chain problems. Too many reviews are people that had issues. More people need to complement a good company for just doing a good job.

    • Antonio T.
  • Credit where due. Excellent rebuild of my 79 chevy 350. 10k miles and running great. Best prices in all of north america including mexico. Spokane s and j engines are the best!!!

    • Doug J.
  • Fast, friendly & more than willing to help

    • Ben B.
  • They were great. Got our engine fairly quick. The motor works great, no problems so far. Their customer service is amazing. Went to drop off the core and they were super friendly and fast.

    • Noah H.
  • Very professional and helpful, thought of things I did not when ordering my 429. I am more than willing to wait 90 days.

    • Craig C.
  • My experience with S&J Engines was phenomenal! I spoke with their representative Scott who helped me through the entire process of acquiring a S&J remanufactured engine for my 1974 American Motors Javelin. I was very impressed with the videos of the complete remanufacturing process that S&J has posted on their website, but I was even more impressed once the remanufactured 232 ci, 6 cylinder engine arrived. It was amazing how precisely it was put together and ready for reassembly into my car. There it NO WAY I could have reproduced the same quality engine by myself or using another party to rebuild my stock engine. A remanufactured engine from S&J was certainly the way to go. I look forward to many enjoyable hours of dependable driving in my AMC Javelin for years to come. Thanks Scott and everyone at S&J who was involved in the remanufacturing process and delivery of my "new" engine.

    • Dan G.

    • Jo T.
  • Dan with S&J goes above and beyond, he not only communicated with us in regards to the engine they built and modified for us but provided trusting and honest information. He is a one man show in the warranty department but his hard work is very appreciated. Thank you S&J for providing an excellent product as well as great customer service!

    • Kmcewen
  • Five Stars!

    • Josh V.

    • Bob B.
  • Great communication. Ryan helped me find several cam options and was honest when he didn't know an immediate answer. Always got back to me with additional info. Thanks S&J!

    • Chris O.
  • Dennis provided excellent service. From helping me decide what I wanted in an engine to final delivery, S&J exceeded my highest expectations.

    • J.D. S.
  • Very helpful with ordering remanufactured engines

    • Bob S.
  • What a great place to do business with. Their service is top notch. The engine gets installed this week. If it runs as good as their service, I'll change this review to Ten Stars....

    • Jim P.
  • Everyone and everything great so far ! Shipping engine on the first of next month!

    • Joe T.
  • They were very polite and helpful for any questions that I had. I would highly recommend S&J Engines to anyone !

    • Shane E.
  • Customer service is excellent at S&J

    • Deborah B.
  • I searched nationwide finding someone that would work WITH me on my 300 six cylinder build. I had given up and was going to rebuild mine myself. It’s been 35 years since last build so wasn’t excited about that. Found these guys by mistake. Super grateful I did! To say they work with you is an understatement.

    • Ron F.
  • Ryan came through when all else failed. Seriously, I attempted to get my engine picked up for service and almost a month into waiting, I reached out one more time and Ryan got right back to me. Within 2 days my engine was picked up. My faith in people was restored after my experience with Ryan. Here’s hoping the remaining experience goes as smooth. Thanks again Ryan

    • Terry R.
    • John K.
    • Dennis M.
  • Absolutely a class outfit... every step of the way! I purchased a rebuilt 1963 Chevy truck engine... S&J delivered ... fair price, warranty and all! Don’t hesitate to do business with them.... you will be totally satisfied!

    • George H.
  • "S&J Engines were very professional and delivered on all that they advertised. The price was reasonable and the workman ship was excellent. John Caley"

    • John C.
  • The salesman, Dan, is a very courteous and knowledgeable member. Great prices for remanufactured engines and the best warranty around. The company have videos of their inspections and rebuilding process and stringent policies they put into each engine. Fair market for shipping too.

    • Lawrence T.
  • Fully 5-Stars for S&J

    • Steve A.
  • We love S and J engines. Everybody is so knowledgeable friendly and they stand behind their work we have ordered multiple engines from these guys And have always gotten quality work

    • tammy k.
  • "Knowledgable information and excellent prices"

    • Neil A.
  • "Excellent experience working with Dennis in sales."

    • Thomas Z.
  • All my expectations were met, i ordered a engine and Dan walked me through everything. 5 stars for sure

    • Michael L.
  • Great service and very friendly!

    • Debra R.
  • I was referred to S&J Engines by my boat repair shop, my experience has been exceptional from start to finish! Dan in technical sales provided the guidance I needed to select the proper engine configuration and kept me apprised of the factory build and ship date. Happy I could give the order to a family owned business that stands behind their products. Highly recommended! 1996 Maxum 454cc w/Merc Bravo II Sterndrive

    • Brad N.
  • Friendly, knowledgeable and efficient. A great buying experience.

    • Craig B.
  • Highly recommend. Did a great job on my 351w. Thanks again Ryan

    • Jeff C.
    • Roy W.
  • Easy to deal with and fair prices

    • Tim M.
  • I had an issue with an engine that they overhauled. I took it back, they warrantied it, no questions asked, free of charge. I couldn't be happier.

    • Vic J.
  • "Ryan was a big help with ordering my engine. Very helpful with information and answered any questions I had. Would definitely recommend this company to anyone."

    • b_vieyra
  • Dan was very professional and helpful.

    • YouTube B.
  • Great company, when needed I will be ordering from them again.

    • Paul B.
  • "Ordering was quick and easy, the piece was done a week before they thought it would be and their customer service was FANTASTIC. Hopefully we don't have to buy another anytime soon, but if we did we'd 100% order from S&J engines."

    • Kelsey P.
  • "This is the second engine purchase, great experience with the staff on both purchases, Dennis was a great help, received my order in one day because of Dennis, took the time to call me and let me know they had an engine ready if I wanted it, would recommend S&J to anyone that would ask me."

    • Tony K.
  • "Ordering was quick and easy, the piece was done a week before they thought it would be and their customer service was FANTASTIC. Hopefully we don't have to buy another anytime soon, but if we did we'd 100% order from S&J engines."

    • Kelsey P.
  • Great engine, performed as I expected. Great customer service.

    • Roger K.
  • I needed to replace the long block on my 1980 Jeep CJ7. My son told me he had purchased a long block from S&J years ago, with no trouble with it to this day. I spoke to Dennis when I called....lucky for me ! He knows what he is doing...I don't. But he handled the calls with confidence in the product he was selling and gave me all info on warranties available to me. He never made me feel bad for asking so many questions. He was professional but not pushy, he was very pleasant, like talking to a friend. He told me how long S&J had been in business and their success rate. I trust all the info I was given and glad that my experience was good. It is never fun to be faced with replacing an engine on a vehicle but I am confident that it will go well. Thanks Dennis and S&J engine ! I'm glad that my son referred me and I will be happy to refer someone if they find themselves needed to replace an engine. LRF... Palestine,TX

    • Lynne F.
  • Ryan was very helpful answered all my questions made the process painless thank you

    • Groffrey M.
  • I needed a head rebuilt but they were busy (thanks for being honest!) And suggested I go to Cylinder Head Service which turned out to be a great experience. If I need a motor for the Jeep I'll be calling these guys. Thanks

    • Shark W.
  • Ryan was very helpful answered all my questions made the process painless thank you

    • Groffrey M.
    • Jim M.
  • TOP NOTCH Rebuilder!! I've been a good mechanic most of my life and even a Machinist, I'm telling you, I could have ate off this engine! BEST WARRANTY in the business, HANDS DOWN! Hats off to you, S&J engines!!!

    • Todd D.
  • "I cannot Express my gratitude enough...thank you for providing great service without problems...thank you and Merry Christmas to all of you..."

    • Bonnie C.
  • Scott was a great help with my motor from start to finish!!!

    • Jason B.
  • "great place to do business and very helpful people. price was RIGHT also."

  • "Customer service was very knowledgeable and friendly. Product shipped within a few hours and arrived in Kansas 4 days later. I've been building engines for 30 years so I checked the tolerances and I must say they were as good if not better than I would have built. I had the long block installed in the boat and back on the water 6 days after placing the order. Engine ran great with good oil pressure and virtually no blow by."

    • Randy S.
    • Cody O.
  • "Great Customer Service, Scott Very Knowledgeable, Fast Delivery Service!! I Will Definitely Use In The Future. Highly Recommend S&J Engines Awesome Prices As Well."

    • Terry D.
    • Gene S.
    • Henry_Sariol
  • "These guys are a great rebuilder of engines. They have done around 4 or 5 motors for my shop, at least 3 were custom builds on original engines with no problems so I would highly recommend them"

    • dave_myhre
    • Lea_Pia
  • "Great absolutely no problem"

    • Don_Staffenson
  • "Very very helpful polite staff Answered all questions with confidence Thank them greatly for service and support"

    • Graham C.
  • "They was helpful making sure i got what I wanted, always there if I had any questions... They make sure I got what I wanted in a good matter of time"

    • Dangelo_Jones
  • "These guys really helped me out when my engine siezed up. Great price for the rebuild and they made the whole process go smoothly. Also these guys are fast at what they do.

    • Cory_Bedell
  • "Best warranty and customer service . Motor was built on the time line they Gave me other shops had three months Of back orders I have used S&J. Motors For other people well over the 10 year warranty And they are still running strong"

    • randy_brown
  • "Have purchased over 30 remanufactured long blocks from them and not had any problems so far."

    • Billy_Parrish
  • Reviewed by PAR Hawaii: "I have been doing business with S&J engines for over 7 years now and have ordered 20-30 Engines from them. I am located in Hawaii and they still are able to get engines to me on time. The quality of there engines are always perfect. We recommend S&J to all of the other repair shops we deal with as well. If you are looking for the Best quality AND Excellent prices, S&J cant be beat. RJ Ortiz Performance Auto Repair"

    • Michael_Oliver
  • "I have bought an engine in the past and I am a repeat customer. The product and the service are great; the staff is very knowledgeable and helpful. S & J Engines is a great place to buy your next engine."

    • samuel J.
  • "My name is Robert Lacy. We gave the guys spec's for what we wanted. This was in 2011. Engine is still running today. 383 stroker. Very well built. Thank you."

    • Rob L.
    • Pelle E.
    • Michael M.
    • Shawn M.
    • Gabe R.
  • "Excellent experience with Larry haven’t installed engine yet but I’m sure I will be pleased. Thanks Larry."

    • Daniel S.
    • Tim S.
  • "Easy to do business with great communication 1999 Ford V10 been running great "

    • Dave G.
  • "It was GREAT, thank you for the service. Bruce"

    • Bruce M.
  • "Hands down the best Engine manufacturers! I dealt with a guy name Larry over at S and J Engines Very knowledgeable guy went above and beyond for me I finally got my LS 5.3 L V8 installed today and running. Let me tell you this never had an engine run so perfectly And sound so great! The engine quality is fantastic I highly recommend them to anyone. From now on I will only be buying my engines from S and J Engines"

    • Reedy G.
  • "This is the 3rd engine I have bought from S & J engines in the last 10 years. They always deliver quality and get it the next day with a great warranty."

    • Bill H.
  • "When I called S&J Engines looking for specific engine the staff was very knowledgeable they knew what I was looking for. They gave me a completion date and it was completed on that date. I have been building show cars for over forty years and it’s hard to find someone that does what they say they will do. Thank you."

    • Phil K.
  • "This company has always done me right. With four engines to date. My first engine had an issue and sent it back for warranty and they sent me a new one after there investigation. All around a good experience. The second set was excellent in quality from customer service to packaging and general support questions. The latest engine they took the time to verify the engine was exactly the correct replacement. This is the kind of service that stands out from the crowd. Thank you S&J for your excellence in what you do. JP"

    • jean-pierre P.
    • david l.
  • Several months later, and the engine is still running great with no issues. I rarely leave reviews, but I felt compelled to do so here. I received an AMC 242 for my 2000 Jeep Cherokee Sport, and it's a phenomenal engine. Everything was great, from the gasket kit, to the break in oil, to the shipping container (half pallet, enclosed in cardboard.) Engine is running great with no issues. They were great as a company, and worked with me to suit my needs each time it was necessary. I don't plan on buying an engine again anytime soon, but I wouldn't buy one anywhere else."

    • Seth P.
    • Leah S.
  • "Waited on an engine from summit for a month and a half. When summit told me it would finally ship out they said they made a mistake and it would be another month. I contacted S&J motors. They were very nice to talk to answered all my questions and shipped a motor that same day with tracking number. Amazing. I highly recommend and will definitely use them in the future. This is the first review I have ever written. They saved my butt. Thank you"

    • Southpaw S.
  • "Always 100%"

    • Tammie K.

    • Gary C.
  • "Dealing with Dennis over the years has been a pleasure! He is very knowledgeable and professional!"

    • Chris C.
  • "Quality work at a great price. Quick turn around too!"

    • Keith P.
  • Shopped everywhere for a reman. Finally decided on S and J Engines. They had all the right parts and manufacturers. New heads instead of refurbs. My machine shop was truely impressed with the engine. Said it was way better that what you get from O'Reillys. Also so impressed with the break in oil they are going to start using it in their shop. They were quick to deliver the engine as well. Cost a couple hundred more than most, but worth it So far, running like a champ. For what it is worth, I haven't had a problem yet. Very happy about the whole thing.

    • Troy T.
  • Great staff, very knowledgeable, every time I called had a question if it was answered. Extremely knowledgeable great to do business with would recommend anybody engine ran great started right up..A+++

    • William C.
  • "Delivered on time, reasonable cost, runs great!"

    • Bill D.
  • Professional and Family Oriented! These guys made me feel respected and valued. I brought our beloved family Forester into the shop; she was on her last leg. I don't know much about cars and engines but I know I recommend S&J!

    • Michelle H.
  • Honest and Intelligent This place is absolutely amazing. Very honest and intelligent employees, insuring your customer satisfaction. I really appreciate all the work and help they provided me, and I will continue to use their services.

    • Melanie R.
  • Car runs Beautifully. S&J Engine did a great job at getting my engine back to new, and I really appreciate the hard work. My car runs beautifully, and it was worth every penny.

    • Timothy J.
  • Best in the industry! Seriously... you can't go wrong with S&J. They'll make sure that you get exactly what you need at an excellent price. Check out their price match policy. I won't go anywhere else. These guys are the best in the industry.

    • Bill M.
  • World class engine re-man. My dealer has been ordering from S&J for years and they never have issues. Got my new engine from them, put 20k on it, and no problems at all.

    • Roberto P.
  • Best out there. My brother ordered a new engine for Tacoma and it does what it needs to do. Smooth starts, runs well. I'm content.

    • Selena R.
  • Dealer recommended S&J. After putting 20k on my engine, I haven't had any problems. Still strong as the day it was installed, probably even stronger.

    • proberto543
  • Great service and easy to work with. I've multiple engines built by them and they stand behind their product.

    • Aj S.
  • I have used S&J for years and am very pleased with their work.

    • Charlene B.
  • Wonderful company I am very pleased with their service.

    • Jeff B.
  • Our shop has used them for ten years and they have provided excellent service across the board.

    • Jim B.
  • I bought a ford 302 w gt40 heads for my boat and its been going strong for over 5 years. Would recommend to anyone.

    • Scott M.
  • I purchased an AMC 360 Long Block for my '84 Wagoneer in Jan, 2017. I am very happy with it! It runs very smooth and the power band is exactly what I wanted. Their customer service is great, and I would not hesitate to refer to someone or use them again.

    • Biff S.
  • One thing I can say besides the fact their amazing product is they are 100% devoted to their costumers.

    • Samantha L.
  • Need an Engine, S&J has the best Service, Warranty and Price.... Check them out for your engine need....

    • Dan M.
  • Great customer service from Scott! The break in oil broke up in the box and they sent out 6 more quarts right away. Have a little smoke coming out of the right breather but hopefully it clears up.

    • Brody T.
  • Great engine we bought a 5.7, the only company that has a 7 year 100,000 mile warranty. I would recommend this company to anyone that wants a top of the line motor. When I get the money I'm going to buy a motor for my Ford pickup

    • John W.
  • I highly recommend these guys! amazing customer service and very friendly representatives. a huge Thank you to the crew at S&J ENGINES you guys rock! Keep up the good work!!

    • Scott S.
  • These guys have killer customer service! We recently called for a 5.7 long block and they had one sitting there ready to go. They delivered the next day up to our shop in Sandpoint, Elite Tire & Suspension. We called a few days later to let them know the

    • William M.
  • They made the purchase super easy online and delivered my motor to Master minds in ID after all was said and done i saved over $2000.00 compared to the dealer with ten times the the warranty.. Scott was great and the motor runs strong!

    • Wesli S.
  • S&J rebuilt both of my 502 marine engines for my 33' Donzi. Scott did an excellent job getting them in and done with under a 2 week turnaround. He provided continual updates keeping me informed throughout the process.

    • Ryan M.
  • Great service from these guys I've purchased many engine

    • Richard J.
  • Waited a year to write this. Purchased a 7.4 L long block. Runs great! Some time I not even sure it is running. Does not burn any oil. I recommend them every time I get a chance.

    • Jim B.
  • Great product!! I've installed nearly a dozen different engines. All have been great!!

    • Tracey R.
  • Great service from these guys I've purchased many engines.

    • Richard J.
  • S&J Engines delivered a 6.0 Vortec motor to replace my old motor. The motor they sent me runs like a top! Great service and great motors! Thanks for bringing my truck back to life!

    • Mike C.


Our customers deserve the best

The best remanufactured engines backed by the best warranty in the industry.

They also deserve to have their investment protected during transport without paying an arm and a leg for shipping. Well, S&J delivers. Along with the satisfaction of purchasing the highest quality engine, you get the peace of mind of knowing it is in safe hands during every step of the shipping process

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New Components for
  • Seals and Gaskets
  • Valvetrain
  • Oil Pump
  • Pistons
  • Rod Bearings
  • Connecting Rods
  • Timing Chain/Belts
  • Timing Gears
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Reconditioned or
  • Valvetrain
  • Pistons
  • Timing Gears
  • Timing Chain/Belts
  • Connecting Rods
  • Oil Pumps
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NEW COMPONENTS - NOT REUSEDS&J employs more new parts than the competition. This is well known, but why do we continue to buck the trend towards reusing "reconditioned" parts? Because we know you are looking for the engine that will simply last, year in and year out. Through the sweltering summers and the most frigid of winters, without fail. Engines that resist corrosion in marine environments, that increase in power and in tractability as break-in times are fulfilled. Powering your pickup? You'll need that reliable torque. Melting the asphalt with your custom build? You'll appreciate that trouble-free horsepower being ladled out. Restoring or resurrecting that beloved dream ride? We can help you make everything correct and picture perfect. And we'll do it by providing you with the finest remanufactured engine available. 


THIS IS NOT A REPLACEMENT ENGINE - THIS IS AN ENGINE REVOLUTION Forty-five years of engine design know-how combine with meticulous assembly techniques and effective strategic performance parts to elevate this great engine to championship status.You will not find a better assembled, better backed 4.6L engine anywhere. And, at a price that will astonish you. More new parts, tighter tolerances, actual OEM replacement components, superior bench testing and supplied performance gaskets and lubricants, all brought to you by skilled machinists, assemblers and sales and service staff. Bringing power to the people is something we truly do, day in and day out, for over 45 years. Our fans are legion and our engines are equalled in excellence by the people who design them, build them and sell them to you. Come experience our comprehensive package of quality, excitement and value. 


WHERE QUALITY AND VALUE HARMONIZE S&J warranties are the disruptor of the industry. More time and many more miles covered than the competitors will dare offer. And we love the self-installer, the shade tree non-pro, and we prove it by offering warranty coverage where no one else cares to. Why? Because it's in our DNA. We are engine builders from the get-go and producing an engine that simply, flat out beats everything else out there makes the workday worth it for us. Our after-sale coverage is designed to support our craft in bringing our customers peace of mind and protection of finances, as Murphy's Law can happen to anyone, anytime and anywhere. Rest assured, S&J Total Assurance warranties are active nationwide and service is always just around the corner. 

our mission : satisfied customers

We build engines. But what we really do is help people. We help people reach their goals. We help them keep what is theirs. We inspire and we support the dreams and wishes of anyone seeking to better their situation. Becoming a customer of S&J Engines means you are listened to, spoken with honestly and served with the finest product and shopping experience you’ll ever know in purchasing an engine. Nearly 50 years of service stands as our clearest testimony in our mission to satisfy each customer.

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0% Interest Split Payments!

How it works

SJ 2-Pay is a layaway option. Use your own debit or credit card, or other accepted payment method to pay.

The first payment is charged when your order is submitted (unless extenuating circumstances exist, such as undetermined shipping costs, correct product [engine]). S&J Engines, Inc. will begin payment agreement after processing any corrected orders at no penalty to the shopper.

The next payment is made automatically 45 days after your first payment.

Your engine will ship when the balance is paid in full. If we complete your engine prior to 45 days, you have the option of early settlement at no penalty.

If your engine requires more than 45 days to ship your payment will be processed per layaway agreement. We will ship your engine as soon as it has completed the remanufacturing process and quality assurance testing.

S&J Engines, Inc. charges no interest with SJ 2-Pay and no fees unless you fail to make a payment or, in some circumstances, your payment is returned.

A Late Fee of up to 10% of the total purchase may be charged if any scheduled payment remains unpaid after 10 days (this will never exceed 25% of your Installment Payment amount).

If you cancel your order after three (3) business days from initial purchase we will automatically refund the amount you owe us, minus 7% of the first payment (deposit). If you already paid us for a refunded order, we will refund the balance back to your original payment method minus 7% of the first payment, subject to S&J Engines, Inc. Terms and Conditions.

Depending on your payment method, your financial institution may charge you interest or fees under your agreement with them. If you have any questions about those charges, contact your payment method provider.

Complete Terms and Conditions can be read here.

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No Interest if paid in full in 6 months

  1. Interest will be charged to your account from the purchase date if the balance is not paid in full within 6 months.
  2. A minimum monthly payment is required and may or may not pay off the promotional purchase by the end of the 6 month period.
  3. No interest will be charged on the purchase if you pay it off in full within 6 months. If you do not, interest will be charged on the purchase from the purchase date at the Purchase APR applicable to your account.

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