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Our customers deserve the best; the best remanufactured engines backed by the best warranty in the industry. They also deserve to have their investment protected during transport without paying an arm and a leg for shipping. Well, S&J delivers. Along with the satisfaction of purchasing the highest quality engine, you get the peace of mind of knowing it is in safe hands during every step of the shipping process.

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Canada - $450.00 USD



First we give your engine a final run on the SIM machine with preheated Lucas Performance break-in oil to ensure proper working order.


Then we twice cover the engine with purpose-made heavy duty plastic bags, place the engine in a cradle and then secure it all on a half-sized pallet.


Finally, we finish by affixing heavy duty cardboard casing over the pallet. For international orders, in addition to the above we apply an anti-corrosive coating to the engine and place it in a treated wood shipping crate.


If you are unable to unload the engine at your destination and a lift gate is required, the freight company charges an additional $80.00 for this service. We suggest receiving your engine at the freight docks to save this added expense.Freight cost outside the continental U.S. including Alaska and Hawaii vary on location. Because of this we confirm all freight charges with you for your approval before your order is processed. The same lift gate charges apply.The aforementioned freight charges are for inbound shipments only. There are return freight charges for sending your old engine core back. The return freight costs will be the same as the freight charges to deliver your engine to you and will be deducted from the core value upon acceptance.

NOTICE:Once your engine is delivered, please note any damages to the engine packaging (container) before signing for it. Once you have signed the delivery receipt, you have accepted it (as is) and accept full responsibility for any damage caused by the freight company.

what is the core?

The core is what an engine rebuilder starts with to rebuild or remanufacture a short block or long block. It is, simply, a used engine that has to be purchased by the engine rebuilder. At S&J Engines we price the core out separately so that it can be returned for a refund if the customer chooses. It may not be cost effective to return the core if the freight amount is greater than the core refund due. In that case we recommend the core be sold locally. Remember, all engine rebuilders buy cores for rebuilding. Some rebuilders include the core charge in the engine price, not giving you the option to return it for a refund.

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