Building Performance. Pledging Excellence.

Remanufactured not rebuilt.
The difference in our products is clear. We don’t install used parts or simply rebuild the old ones. Instead, each component of an S&J engine is tested repeatedly and inspected meticulously so that your engine meets and or exceeds OEM standards.

Industry-leading quality, industry leading warranty.
We stand by our engines and the professionals who install them. S&J’s unparalleled products are backed by an unrivalled warranty - 7 year/100,000 miles. You won’t find that anywhere else.

We are proud of our products and our process.
Here is how S&J engines are remanufactured:

In order to ensure a clean casings and main engine integrity, we begin by use strong steel abraders to clean each engine casing.

Once each component has been cleaned and strengthen, each casing, cylinder blocs, cylinder head and crankshaft are checked for cracks, using the combined force electromagnet and fluxing powder.

Precision Bored:
After ensuring the perfection of each part of the engine, we move on to the precision boring of each cylinder block so that they are exactly the same size as the newly installed pistons.

Next we take precision to a new level. Using a state-of-the-art diamond honing machine, we finely hone the cylinder blocks, giving smoothness and longevity to each engine. Resulting in .0015 to .004 an inch of clearance between the cylinder wall and the piston, the honing process is also important in achieving the fine cross hatching finish needed for proper piston ring seating.

Cleanliness is next to... well you know the saying. And here at S&J we take it seriously. At this phrase in the process, we clean the crankshafts cleaned again through each oil gallery with fine wire brushes ground on the latest model crank grinder and polished them until they gleam. But we don’t stop there. We clean the oil galleys one last time with a white rag just to ensure they sparkle.

Machined: Now the cylinder heads are machined to accept only new valves using original equipment guides. Rough machining is performed on the guides and each individual guide is diamond honed to fit the new valve stem. This is the mostly lengthy and expensive part of the remanufacturing process but crucial in order to achieve the precise finish required between the valve stem and the valve guide in today’s engines. Next, the valve seats are precision ground using a Serdi, a top of the line three angle cutting machine which is automatically set to cut precise three angle seat patterns for individual applications. After the Serdi has done its job, we take the cylinder head to a broach machine to mill the cylinder head for a smooth surface and proper sealing. Once the machining is complete, the cylinder heads are cleaned again and assembled with new valves, valve springs, valve keepers and high temp seals. Lastly, the cylinder heads are placed on a vacuum tester to assure the fit and sealing of the valves as well as the integrity of the casting.

Next we move on to the connecting rods. The rods, which have been cleaned and shot peened, are resized to conform to the rod bearings being used. Pistons are hung and piston rings installed.

The S&J engine is beginning to take shape. The completed bare machined cylinder block, crankshaft, connecting rods, and assembled cylinder heads are now ready to be assembled into one of our high quality long blocks.

Now in the prepping area, the cylinder block gets the royal treatment. We install all of the brass soft plugs, oil galley plugs and cam bearings. Then we blow high pressure air through all the oil galleys and water jackets once again to be certain all contaminates are removed. The cylinder walls are then wiped down with clean white towels.

It’s alive! Having reached the end of our intensive process, the cylinder block is then moved to the assembler where the main bearings are installed and a special, high-cost prelube called AL22 is used to coat the bearings. This special lubricant is a Teflon coating substance that reduces the danger of a dry engine start (no oil). Next, the crank is then assembled into the block and the pistons are then coated with AL22, slid into the correct cylinders and attached to the crankshaft. A new camshaft and timing components are installed. The cylinder heads are now installed on the short block. Lastly, all new rocker arms, hold down bolts, push rods and lifters are then installed to complete the long block.

Signed, sealed, delivered - it’s yours! After giving your engine a final run on the SIM machine to ensure proper working order, we twice cover the engine with purpose-made heavy duty plastic bags, place the engine in a cradle and then secure it all on a half-sized pallet. Finally, we finish by affixing heavy duty cardboard casing over the pallet to protect your investment. For international orders, in addition to the above we apply an anti-corrosive coating to the engine and place it in a treated wood shipping crate.

The majority of our engines are produced at our state of the art facilities in Spokane, Washington. In order to meet the growing demand for our engines we build and ship from several off site facilities. All of our contracted engine builders meet the exact same processes and requirements we demand for the production of our quality engines. Every engine S & J Engines offers carries the same level of quality and exacting tolerances.

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