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At S&J we build products that are of the highest quality. Our skilled pros bring new life to your auto, Truck/SUV and marine engines for a cost-effective alternative to buying a new car or paying for an inferior rebuilt engine that doesn't last over the long haul. In addition to having less of a financial impact, remanufactured engines also have less of an environmental impact than new cars and research continues to demonstrate that remanufactured engines are green machines.

At recent study by the University of Michigan (2008) developed a life-cycle model (LCA) to investigate the energy savings and pollution prevention that are achieved in the United States through remanufacturing a midsized automotive gasoline engine compared to an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) manufacturing a new one.

Remanufactured engines are produced with an average of:

  1. 75% less energy
  2. 80% fewer carbon dioxide emissions
  3. 68% carbon monoxide (CO) reductions
  4. 78% nitrogen oxide (NOx) reductions
  1. 77% sulfur oxide (SOx) reductions
  2. 55% non-methane hydrocarbon reductions
  3. 58%Raw material consumption reduction
  4. 76% Solid waste generation reduction

Along with the environmental benefits of remanufactured engines over new engines, this study also includes an economic comparison of new versus remanufactured automotive engines. The price savings for the consumer is between 30% and 53% for a remanufactured engine, with the greatest savings realized when the remanufactured engine is purchased directly from the remanufacturer.

Purchasing a remanufactured engine directly from S&J not only saves you some green and keeps our planet green too!