How it works

Due to exceptional industry-wide demand, we are currently experiencing shipping delays on some engines. We are working overtime to build our engines and fulfill our customer orders as soon as possible. We strongly encourage those wanting an S&J engine to place your order now, as we prioritize on a first come first served basis. From all of us at the shop, we THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!

S&J Videos:

Online video series from S&J Engines with Host Jeff Johnson

Check out videos from Melling Engine Parts here!

  • Webisode #1 - The SimTest Machine

    In this Webisode: Jeff shows how each and every engine from S&J Engines meets or exceeds OEM specifications and explains the remanufacturing process.

  • Webisode #2 - "Engine Cleaning & Preparation"

    In this Webisode: Jeff shows how engines are cleaned and prepared for the remanufacturing process.

  • Webisode #3 - "Boring & Honing"

    In this Webisode: Jeff desribes the engine boring & honing process.

  • Webisode #4 - "Grinding & Polishing"

    In this Webisode: Jeff explains the grinding and polishing process.