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Marine engines are exposed to extreme working conditions. Many engine builders don't take into account the special engine components that are needed to meet the tough demands of marine environments. At S&J Engines, our remanufacturing process is tailored to ensure smooth sailing for even the hardest working marine and boat engines in every aquatic atmosphere. With over forty years experience in supplying boaters with top-quality marine engines, we bring reliability and performance to boaters of every kind.

Volvo Penta, Marine Power, MerCruiser, PCM, Crusader, Indmar?

Determining the correct engine for your boat can be a bewildering experience. Call us up or send us an email about your marine engine needs. Our trained staff of professionals will help you navigate the waters of uncertainty and land you the very best engine. Whether your marine engine supplies power to your pleasure craft or drives your tool for making a living, S&J Engines can chart your course!

In addition our top-quality remanufacturing processes, our industry-leading warranty brings you peace of mind and ensures that your watercraft will meet the challenges and strains of any marine job.

In addition to our Top-Quality Remanufacturing Processes, S&J Marine Engines feature:

Hypereutectic Teflon Coated Piston Skirts: For optimum thermal expansion and tighter tolerances Stronger than cast aluminum pistons.
Double roller timing set: High-Strength Steel for superior durability & performance.
Oversized Stainless Valve Stems (if available): Performance-strong with the best wear resistance .
Heavy Duty Valve Springs: Superior alloy with high-strength properties performs in punishing extremes, ensuring proper intake and exhaust functioning.
Premium Grade High Load Rod & Main Bearings.
Ductile Iron Rings: Extremely strong ductile iron rings work without the need for any coating. And, above all, they don’t break!
Marine- Quality Head Gaskets with Stainless Rings: Pricey - and worth it! Stainless Steel reduce corrosion for optimum reliability and compression.

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