How it works

Due to exceptional industry-wide demand, we are currently experiencing shipping delays on some engines. We are working overtime to build our engines and fulfill our customer orders as soon as possible. We strongly encourage those wanting an S&J engine to place your order now, as we prioritize on a first come first served basis. From all of us at the shop, we THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!


  • Every Make, Model and Year
  • Better than OEM – In Every Way
  • The Best Truck/SUV Engine Available


Pickup trucks and SUVs outsell every other vehicle category. Small wonder, too. The Swiss Army knives of four-wheeled motivation, trucks and SUVs bring ease and recreation into our daily lives. Truck crate engines are our specialty. GMC, Ford, Dodge, RAM, Jeep, Toyota and Nissan crate engines are built with exacting precision; most exceeding OEM specifications in tolerances and performance.

We back our engines with unrivalled warranty coverage and legendary S&J service. An engine is only as good as its backing, and this is yet another reason to buy from us – warranty coverage that is with you for the distance. Check the other first, then come to S&J: the right way, every way.
The S&J crate engine is legendary – make it yours today


Producing the finest remanufactured engine available - anywhere

S&J technicians and production designers know every SUV and truck engine produced, down to the very last bearing, fastener and gasket. Mass production engine manufacturing sometimes hinder or even compromise the durability and performance of factory engines. We build to improve, not to simply replace.



S&J utilizes more new – not recycled – components than the competition

Your F-150, Silverado, Ram, Tundra, Durango, Colorado, Ranger, Sierra or Jeep will perform better than you probably can remember. Improved power, economy, smoother operation and that pride of ownership are all kicked up a notch when you pull the trigger on a remanufactured crate engine from S&J.



We design, machine and assemble our truck and SUV engines – then we use them.

Hunting, fishing, fetching the loads and hauling the boat, fifth wheel and, of course, the family. And, yeah, we use them to get to the office on time. Chances are when we’re building your engine its being built by people who own the same rig. Our expertise and our care is in every long block crate engine we remanufacture.


Our warranties stand as testimony to our commitment to engineering, production and customer service perfection. We are the only major remanufactured engine supplier who accommodates self-installers. Excellence in engine remanufacturing extends beyond the machining and assembly processes. Our warranties are comprehensive and designed to serve our customers for years to come, with coverage that remains consistent. Non-prorated and warranty Total Assurance 100% owner transferability makes S&J Engines the top choice for professionals, dealerships and shade tree mechanics nationally and internationally.


We build engines. But what we really do is help people. We help people reach their goals. We help them keep what is theirs. We inspire and we support the dreams and wishes of anyone seeking to better their situation. Becoming a customer of S&J Engines means you are listened to, spoken with honestly and served with the finest product and shopping experience you’ll ever know in purchasing an engine. Neary 50 years of service stands as our clearest testimony in our mission to satisfy each customer.